Cakes & Desserts Studio

Gunchiiis!!! is a expert professional team, that exist to add cherries to your sweet priceless memories for lifetime. The team here knows how to play with the art, that directly touches the heart, oozing the wonderful wooows for the moments of life.

What We Make

The super quality ingridients, ultra fresh creams, yummy healthy fruits, seasonal flavouring, happy colours and decor stuffs makes you wonder about the creations and combinations that we make. Every finest thing is seamlessly put into effort to bring that extra special feeling and excitement for the every piece baked here. The delicious melting taste, the mesmerising flavours, the super exciting colour art and decor, fills the black and white clings of the occasions, with the flirting shades of colour, love and happiness that leaves you with hundreds of memories for life.


Wide variety of Cakes for Birthday, Engagement, Anniversary and customised cakes for all your moments.


Pastries, Cup-Cakes, Brownies and many more healthy desserts ready available in stores for all occasions.


Chocolate, Mix Fruits, Strawberry and Pineapple and Wine mousse and many more varieties available in stores.


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