Of the large mixed fruit basket, The small berries gain the maximum attention. The texture, The colour and The taste, anyone can barely resist. And we bring out the best of this nature’s best creation.

Be it the cup cakes, be it the pastries, or a cake, The best of the berries we bake. The flavour of our creation will definitely fill your tummy, but heart and eyes will ask for lot more.

Berries Menu

Different types of Berries Cakes, Pastries and Cup-Cakes available in stores

Straw Berry

A perfect blend of taste, aroma and elegance. A flavour that leaves the mouth watering! We encarve the perfect blend of this perfection

Blue Berry

An exclusive rich and elegant touch, that stands out from the normal. Be it in the toppings decor, be it jams, jellies or syrups. The flavour is always too yumm


Something sour to the loaded sweetness. The mesmerising red, natural and healthy dots, that not only captures the eye but graps the heart too

Blueberry Health Benefits

  • Maintaining healthy bones
  • Skin health
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Managing diabetes
  • Protecting against heart disease
  • Preventing cancer
  • Improving mental health
  • Healthy digestion, weight loss, and feeling full

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Christmas Bonanza

Christmas Bonanza

Christmas Bonanza Offer

Chrismas Festive Offer, Lucky draw Everyday!

Kepp Shopping form 25th Dec to 1st Jan, and get chance to win the lucky goodies, as token of love!

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Birthday Bonanza

Birthday Bonanza


Birthday Bonanza Scheme, a random system lucky draw enables to get a chance for extending Birthday celebration with a return gift on purchase of the Birthday cakes at Gunchiiis cakes & desserts studio; as a token of love.

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